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About Us

Guangdong Topzone Tooling Co., a high-tech enterprise integrating designs, builds, re-engineers, andservices medium to large sized sheet metal progressive, transfer and tandem stamping dies and tooling. The following advantages giveTopzone the core competitiveness to bring better timing, quality, and savingsto its global clients.

With a well trained and experiencedprofessional technical team

²   110 - highlytrained personnel, Including project managers, estimators, designers, diebuilders, machinist, and administrators, Many of them comes with more than 10 years experience, we can build tooling from simple to complicated

²   ApplyingCAD,CAE and CAM from the die design to Manufacturing, ensure that every die isthe best solution of design-reasonably, machine-accurately, assembly &tryout-easily, short lead time and production stably.

²   Standing on theposition of clients to meet or exceed clients requirements and continually improvingits quality.

Topzonehas extensive experience with duel phase material up to DP-980. Also,Topzone has the know-how to give stampers the most out of their dies.

²   Dies thatproduce with little downtime

²   Easy tofollow, meaningful project management and preventative maintenance

²   Unmatchedspeed of tool and die build

²   Impeccablequality

Strong financial with 3 million USD capital and 6 million USD actual investment.

²   4 - tryout presses which is up to 1,600- tons and 5500 x 2500mm bed

²   2 - coil feeder/straightener which is up to 1800mm width

²   9 - CNC milling machines which is up to 6000 x2500 x 1500mm with 5 Axishead.

²   5 - overhead cranes, capable of lifting is up to 32-tons

²   It covers 185,000 sq. ft which includes a 155,000 sq. ft. facility and a30,000 sq. ft. office building,With the essential equipment, processes and staffon-site at its spacious facility, die and tooling builds can flow smoother,getting the build done in less time and for less money.

As a member of LONGZE GROUP, Topzone has access to resources that bring better quality to its customers with:

²   Increased buying power through centralized purchasing

²   Increased efficiency and capacity

²   Shared knowledge of best practices and processes

²   Vertical integration for a seamless project from start to finish,To learn moreabout the benefits and capabilities of the group, visit

Guangdong Topzone Tooling Co.,Ltd.

Address : Yifa 3rd Road, Pingtan Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Telephone: 0752-3301961


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